CHATEAU DIY – Series 5

Due to transmit early 2021

Chateau DIY is back. Filming started at the end of 2019 and continued throughout 2020. With a year of lockdowns and travel bans, our fantastic family of chateau owners face huge obstacles to keep their chateaus up and running whilst also trying to maintain their businesses and renovation projects.

Familiar faces return as they battle to restore their once unloved buildings into the fairytale castles they have always dreamt of. With jaw-dropping renovations in the caves under one chateau, a luminous entrance hall makeover in another, alongside the never-ending work on a gite – series 5 continues to bring all the drama and tension viewers know and love but ultimately basks in the beautiful makeovers that our chateaux families achieve.

We introduce 2 new ‘chateau shopping’ couples, desperate to leave the UK and bag a dream home in France; welcome a brand new family to the series; and spend time getting to know our families in more detail as we follow some beautifully-crafted personal project stories.

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We aim to provide top quality programming while also doing everything we can to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, both locally and when filming abroad.

The Unit Base is kitted out with recycling bins, water coolers for easy refills and low energy bulbs. Crew are all issued with re-usable water bottles to reduce plastic consumption and we are committed to sourcing locally and sustainably.

Our productions are signed up to BAFTA's Albert scheme to focus on reducing the environmental impact of filming and to establish a workable and realistic plan to help decrease our carbon footprint. There is a 'think before you print' policy and we only use rechargeable batteries.

We're using low emission/hybrid vehicles for unit cars, taxis and couriers. We ask people to car share and have a 'no idling' policy. We also use offsetting programmes with airlines when booking team travel abroad for those emissions we can't reduce.