CHATEAU DIY at Christmas

Chateau DIY at Christmas takes a look at how some of the families from the main series prepare for the season on a chateau-sized scale. From restoring parts of their beautiful buildings for exciting events to creating epic festive decorations and unique ways to celebrate the big day we follow the highs and lows of these adventurous DIY-ers as they prepare to mark this special time of year.


Having worked hard running successful businesses and completing numerous DIY tasks, for many owners the holiday season is not a time to put their feet up.  There are big ambitious projects to complete as well as smaller ones to pull off to make the big day perfect.  Packed with handy take-home tips as well as beautiful transformations, this series delivers all the excitement and drama of living in a chateau over the festive period. (TX Christmas 2022 on Channel 4)

The Talent Manager

Kindling Media are now using the Talent Manager to manager our CV database and list our job vacancies. To send your CV for consideration, please join our network here. It is crucial that you keep your availability information regularly updated after your join and upload your CV via the Talent Manager.


We aim to provide top quality programming while also doing everything we can to keep our environmental impact to a minimum, both locally and when filming abroad.

The Unit Base is kitted out with recycling bins, water coolers for easy refills and low energy bulbs. Crew are all issued with re-usable water bottles to reduce plastic consumption and we are committed to sourcing locally and sustainably.

Our productions are signed up to BAFTA's Albert scheme to focus on reducing the environmental impact of filming and to establish a workable and realistic plan to help decrease our carbon footprint. There is a 'think before you print' policy and we only use rechargeable batteries.

We're using low emission/hybrid vehicles for unit cars, taxis and couriers. We ask people to car share and have a 'no idling' policy. We also use offsetting programmes with airlines when booking team travel abroad for those emissions we can't reduce.